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Here at Bark and Bee we are dedicated to saving the bees. Honeybees are one of the most important pollinators of food crops, producing about one third of the food we consume. Honeybees are also crucial to the survival of plants and trees, which provide the oxygen that we breath. With the honeybee population on a decline, we are doing our part to save the bees by building hives to create homes for the bees as well as spreading awareness of this global issue. 



As avid dog lovers who advocate to “adopt, don’t shop” we decided to combine our two passions; saving the dogs, and saving the bees. At Bark and Bee we donate 100% of our profits to local dog shelters, such as the SAVE shelter in Princeton, as well as One Love 4 Dogs and save the bee foundations. This combined passion has allowed us to save the bees, and let the bees help save the dogs. 

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